Tuesday, April 22

Blog, I miss you

I miss blogging, I really do. I never believed people when they say they don't have time to do things, but I can honestly say it's true. Anyway, here I am, grabbing a few quiet moments, making some time.

Lovely things that are making me happy amid the chaos of my mother-charity worker-freelancer-cook-house renovator extraordinaire life.

Photographs of beautiful baby bumps (I so want to get myself another one of those quite soon)
Lovely, gorgeous, shabby chic homes
Starting my photography course again
The Juno soundtrack (and the film, which is just lovely)
Going to see the shiny happy Mike Leigh film tomorrow night
Posh cider with posh crisps
Cherry red toenails
Lambs gamboling in the fields surrounding my new country abode
Blod, the neglected pet, having a lovely swim

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