Thursday, May 29

1 year (and 3 days)

Dear Snail,
You are one year old. What an exciting age to be - so many things to explore and bang your head on, so many manky things to pick up off the floor and try to eat.

Your crawling has reached a most unsnail-like pace and I can hear you slapping your hands across the wooden floor as you excitedly pursue a pet through the house.

You're also trying to 'walk' on all-fours (clearly way too much time spent with the pets), which results in a lot of head-bumps and wailing - although that's easily resolved with a wave of something shiny to distract you.

You have been giving me spontaneous kisses, which is just the best thing ever, ever.

You're trying to copy what we say these days - in your own little way, mimicking the syllables when we say 'Hel-lo' or 'Thank you'. I am way too excited about you talking - can you do it soon please? I like talking. I hope you will too.

What a lot has happened to you in one year. You've gone from a teeny, tiny, sleepy bundle that didn't open her eyes for two weeks, to an almost-toddler full of energy and grins and excitement and interest. Oh, and cake.

It's been an amazing year. I'm proud of me for surviving the extreme colic and the sleepless nights, for doing my own hippyish parenting thing with slings and cloth nappies and breastfeeding and baby-led weaning. But mostly I'm proud of you for turning into the perfect smiley, happy, chilled out baby. So yay us!

Thanks for everything, you gorgeous girl.



  1. bonnie2:30 pm

    I can't believe she's a year old! She's gorgeous xx

  2. Happy 1st birthday Mini Meep!