Saturday, May 3

11 months

Dear Snail,
Well, there's one major development this month - you are mobile. Last Wednesday, you came home from your Grandma and Grampa's house and you crawled across the stripy rug. Since then, there's no stopping you. You are all over the place, especially - of course - in all the places you're not supposed to be, like your Daddy's Wii, and your Daddy's guitar, and your Daddy's Macbook. And oh, how you would so love to get your hands on the cat. You crawl towards him at top speed, screeching with excitement. Unfortunately, you haven't twigged yet that the screeching makes him retreat to a safe baby-free corner.

This month, you've also learnt to clap your hands. You don't seem to be clapping anything in particular. You just like to sit back and show your appreciation for life once in while. And why not?

I know your first word is just dying to come out - sometimes you look at me as if you're about to say something really profound. And you do - it's something like "Urdle, lurdle, urdle, lurdle", which I think is an incredibly shrewd and valid point. I think your first word's going to be 'Blod', your Daddy thinks it'll be 'Mum'. It'll probably be 'cake', because we talk about that a lot in our house.

We've been out and about a lot lately - to the local pub, out for tapas, walking in the forest, messing about on the beach, toddler group, swimming class... you are so good and we can take you anywhere these days and know that you'll be OK. Your Daddy and I lead pretty much the same life as we did before you came along. Except with a little bit more dribble and a lot of food smeared on our clothes.

Bedtimes are my favourite times at the moment. I love you splishing in the bath, I love cuddling you dry in a towel, then kissing your head a squillon times when you're drinking your milk. But best of all, I like it when we read 'This Little Baby'. When you see yourself in the mirror on the last page, you give yourself a big kiss, then turn your head to me so I can give you a kiss too - and it melts my heart every single time.

You are a phenomenally fantastic snail.

Love, Mam


  1. I've been lurking for a while - you sound so content, it's delightful.

  2. I love your little 'To Snail' summaries. I hope you record them in a book somwhere so that 'Snail' will be able to read them when she's older and able to treasure them.

  3. I agree - these are wonderful :-)