Friday, May 9

Cake Friday

Life is rather hectic. Right now you should be painting your dining room or proofreading something dull for a client or doing the dishes or putting the nappies in to wash while it's fine...

But it's Friday and the sun is shining and you should be doing happy things. So you bake a sponge cake, fill it with raspberries and mascarpone cream, then enjoy it with a nice mug of Earl Grey.


  1. I think I may have to pop over for morning tea!
    Great to catch up with you and thankyou for finding my new 'place'.
    Having just read through all your recent posts , I have a hankering for coffee and welsh cakes ( and it's only 6.30am!)

  2. That looks beautiful!

    I agree - proofreading comes a poor second to cake. Sadly, cake doesn't pay as well...

  3. Aww Cake Friday, good memories!