Friday, May 30

I'm a writer and I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Rach, who is a bit like me but a lot funnier and doesn't bang on about babies all the time, to answer the following question: What revelations have you had since taking up your writing career?

So, in the form of a list (of course):

1. I've learnt that I like being free. Free means saying 'Oh, sod it' on a sunny day and sneaking off for a womble through some fields with your dog (last Wednesday). It means not being trapped in an office filled with suits from Next and talking about the weather. It means being able to take the day off, drive through a forest, then stop at a funny pub in the middle of nowhere for a pint of ale, some salt and vinegar crisps and a go on the rickety swing (a couple of Fridays ago).

2. I always thought that when I gave up the 9 to 5 and went freelance, I'd spend a lot of time in coffee shops, sipping Earl Grey and gazing out of the window. I have never done this. Not sure why, but I think I just like working in my slippers with tea and cake that's nicer and cheaper than evil Starbucks*. However, our village pub, which is just at the end of our street has Wi-Fi and serves a nice pint of Brains Dark, so watch this space. (Any clients that might be reading, if there are greasy marks on your proofs, I am sorry. It's the salt and vinegar crisps. They just go so well with ale.)

3. Some writing is dead glamourous and sexy. The stuff I do is most definitely not. When people ask what you do and you reply "Why, I am a top freelance writer-slash-editor-type person," they go "Oooo, what kind of things do you write?". Then you reply, "I'm a copywriter, so I write things for companies, like brochures and annual reports," and they just say "Oh".

4. You get to buy yourself a spanking new Macbook with the excuse that you need it for work and you get to claim it against your tax. And then, you get to spend half an hour taking photos of you and your dog in Photobooth (taking the picture over and over to try and get your expressions looking the same) when you should be proofreading a handbook for Medicine students.

*Other evil coffee shops are available.

Disclaimer: I am, in fact, a bit of a fraud because I do still have a part-time job too. But it is working for a mumpety charidee. And things are taking off so, who knows, maybe I could finally take the plunge and break free of the system, man.


  1. Thanks for doing this!

    I like the sound of forests/pubs/crisps - that's what I should be doing on sunny days, not (a) working (b) chasing more work (c) hoovering (d) sorting out the washing...etc etc. Bring on the salt and vinegar!

  2. Trying to match your dog's expression is the best excuse for a photoshoot I think I've ever heard.

  3. Hmm, not sure about all this.
    Being trapped in an office is an incredibly satisfying way to spend your days. By being in a forest or a pub or on the swings you're missing out on all the fun banter and life-long friendships that office life provides.
    I'm not very convincing am I? Actually I'm totally jealous of you!