Tuesday, May 13

Turned Out Nice

I had to go to London for work and I wasn't happy
Alarm set for 5am to catch the morning train with all the dreary commuters in their uniform of sludge
An all day thing, so no time to pop to the Tate or meet friends
The Tube in rush hour - my worst nightmare

Got to Cardiff Central
Bought a fresh black coffee
And the softest, sweetest almond croissant
Found a quiet corner of the train
For daydreaming and looking out of the window
Watched the yellow fields of rape whizzing past
Wrote some lists about everything and nothing
Then got lost in a lovely book

And on the way back
Stopped off for suishi
And a berry muffin to eat on the train
More dreaming and scribbling and getting lost in my book

It was perfect


  1. M&S sushi?

    I always bought M&S sushi from Euston station on the way home from London after a 'conference' - mini food on a mini tray as the big world sped by. Lovely!

  2. Yes, M&S sushi - but from Paddington Station instead. Yum.