Thursday, May 15

A Week of Mumpets

Two of my favourite mumpets

It's certainly been a week for all things mumpet.

  • Mumpet moment No 1: Have discovered the soundtrack to my life - Hideaway by The Weepies. Lots of my favourite bloggers have been raving about them for ages, and I kept meaning to check them out. Mr Meep went on Itunes on the weekend, heard it and thought I might like it. He was so right. If muffins were music, this is what they'd sound like.

  • Mumpet moment No 2: All of the Meeps went on a family walk up the Garth Mountain (at the back of our house - I love this village) and we met an amazing man. 82 years old and still walking up the Garth a few times a week, a voice like Richard Burton and lots of stories to tell. I could have talked to him all day. After we met him, I told Mr Meep that I thought he was an angel.

  • Mumpet moment No 3: Stumbled upon this lovely Pollyanna-esque blogger.

  • Mumpet moment No 4: Watched this amazing film - I'd seen it before at the cinema, but it was so lovely, I watched it again.

  • Mumpet moment No 5: Met a lovely neighbour down the road - 78 years old (it was a week for mumpet pensioners) with twinkly blue eyes and thinks Blod and Gwen are both amazing, so I think she's amazing too. (Did I mention that I love this village?)

  • Mumpet moment No 6: Went to a yoga class with my lovely Buddhist neighbour (not a pensioner, but is a mumpet - did I mention...? Oh, I did).

  • Mumpet moment No 7: At the yoga class, met that very rare thing - an uber-mumpet. There aren't many of these around, but I think if I met Rolf Harris he would be one. She was stunningly beautiful in a healthy, glowing kind of way (mumpet points for the healthy glow), wearing birkenstocks (summer mumpet footwear of choice) and was really smiley (a mumpet basic). At the end of the class, the teacher said that Milly (mumpet name) has a glut of organic rocket from her allotment (mumpetdar going mad) and did anybody want to take some (Mumpetmumpetmumpetmumpetmumpetttttttttttttt)? I got chatting to her and it turns out not only does she have an allotment, birkenstocks, a smiley face and healthy glow, she also makes veggie boxes for her friends and keeps chickens. I hope she will be my friend (in a totally, like, non-Single White Female kind of way).

    Have you encountered a mumpet today?

    ETA Mr Meep's sitting next to me saying that my blog used to be a comedy blog back when it started, but now it's not funny anymore. Not mumpet!
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    1. I like the Superhero lady too...she's ace. When I got married, my husband bought me one of her necklaces as a wedding present, and it makes me smile whenever I put it on.