Monday, June 23

Summer Solstice

So being a fan of all things mother earth, I love the summer solstice (apart from the hay fever, which has increased a zillion times since moving out of the dirty city to the fresh, clean, pollen-filled air of the country).

I was having a surf to see how people were celebrating it. I found some lovely ideas about candlelit evening picnics with seasonal food, baking 'sunshine cakes', making crowns and dancing in the sunshine. Then I came across this novel suggestion:

"A woman who wishes to conceive should walk naked through her vegetable garden on Midsummer's Eve, preferably picking some St Johns Wort."

On June 21st 2009, you will mostly find me starkers in my blackcurrant bush wielding a herbal antidepressant.

Better cut some of those brambles back.

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  1. Miss Meep's stalker12:58 pm

    June 21st 2009? It's in the diary ;-)