Sunday, August 24

Looks get you everywhere

When you have a face like this, all smiling and happy and radiating delight and goodness and general loveliness, people are drawn to you. In fact, they are so drawn to you, they want to give you things - things like lovely, lovely food - for free.

This week, I took the snail out for lunch to the lovely Babas. Now the snail usually just eats whatever I'm having, so I thought I'd just get a big plate of gorgeousness and let her pick what she wanted. The man behind the counter thought differently - he was charmed by my beaming daughter and insisted she have a plate of food of her own - whatever she wanted. He even offered to cook something especially, in case she didn't like any of the 50-odd dishes that were already on offer. It was like dining out with the queen or Posh Spice or something. So she ended up with a mountain of food - which the smitten chef refused to charge us for. Result.

After the meal, we stopped off at the baklava shop for some pudding. Cue another Mediterranean man, my daughter fluttering her eyelashes and grinning lots. I leave the shop, having spent 80p but with an entire tray of sticky sweet treats.

I was tempted to go to Milgi down the road and try my luck with their cocktail menu. Maybe another day.

1 comment:

  1. Grand to have you again! Your snail is looking gorgeous, no wonder all the shop owners give her stuff!~