Sunday, August 17

Sunday Scribblings: Observations

Haven't done one of these writing exercises in a while...

My observations on Sundays

  • On a Sunday, you can eat cake for breakfast (and if it happens to be your birthday on a Sunday, you can have two slices).
  • On a Sunday, you should make a huge pot of tea (or coffee if you'd prefer), then spend the morning lounging around in your pyjamas, sipping the tea out of your favourite mug, and reading a big fat Sunday newspaper (with the sport and business sections removed, of course).
  • On a Sunday, lunch is very important. There are two important rules for this most important of the week's lunches - it must be big and it must contain potatoes in one of their most marvellous forms (ie roasted or mashed).
  • On a Sunday, you should get down with Mother Nature. I like the beach, you might prefer a forest, or possibly a lake. However, a trip to an out-of-town retail outlet will sap your soul and should be avoided at all costs (and, in fact, at all times, but especially on a Sunday).
  • On a Sunday, you should do something lovely to avoid the horror of the Sunday Night Back to Work Blues. Tonight I chatted over a glass of vino, made pizzas, danced around the kitchen (ah, the joys of Mr Meep's new iPod), then went to bed with Sleepytime tea, books and my lovely Macbook.

    And that is how all Sundays should be.

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    1. Oh--I so agree!

      I haven't popped in for ages--Mini Meep is getting so big, and is very, very adorable.