Monday, September 29

10 Things I'd Rather Be Doing

I'm at work. Here's what I'd rather be doing.

  • Playing with Gwen in the autumn sunshine (stealing a nibble of those fat little feet)
  • Taking photographs
  • Filling my house with baking smells
  • Picking blackberries
  • Eating cake, of course
  • Taking Blod for a long walk
  • Running on a beach
  • Curling up on my pink chair with a book and a mug of green tea
  • Learning to sew, so I can make stuff from this book
  • People-watching out of the window of a coffee shop

    That is what I would rather be doing.
  • 1 comment:

    1. Love the book!

      Came across this book the other day in an art gallery

      It's aimed at slightly older ones, but there's some lovely stuff that Gwen might enjoy doing with you in a little while - I might do the magnet thing ( with Millie for some Christmas presents as glueing and sticking is very popular at the moment...