Friday, October 24

Why toddlers and birthday cakes don't mix

And talking of my snail, she has learnt some words over the last couple of weeks. She knows Mama, Daddy, Grandpa, dog, no, more, car and, most importantly... cake! I'm so proud.


  1. :o) that cake looks scrumptious! Well done little meep on all the new words ... especially 'cake'!!

  2. Well done Gwen on learning the important words!

    I recently asked Edie if there was anything she would like for her 2nd birthday, expecting to hear something along the lines of bike, teddy, play dough or maybe even a duck/doggy/piggy/any other farm animal - "cake" was the answer. Cheap and easy, fantastic!

    Can't imagine where our girls get their love of cake from though...

  3. Can I have a slice please?

    I've tagged you, have a look when you get a chance.