Wednesday, February 18


I've had a bad day.

I got a B for my photography project, after putting my heart and soul and lots and lots of time into it.

I have hormone-related spots all over my nose.

And, for the first time in my entire life, I have had to throw something I have cooked straight into the bin. It was a Nigella chocolate cake that I hadn't made before. I was rushing, forgot a vital ingredient and the whole thing went tits up.

I hate all my clothes, my house is dirty and messy all the time, I feel useless and ugly and just bleurghhhh.

Anyway, enough feeling sorry for myself.

Here's a list of my favourite celebrity mumpets to lighten the mood.

Will Young - because he's smiley and happy and officially the nicest man in pop
KT Tunstall - because she is smiley and happy and a proper eco-warrier too
Mark Owen - because he's smiley and happy and has a cocker spaniel
Rolf Harris - because he's the beardy uber-mumpet

I wish we could all get together, share a pot of tea and some carrot cake, and have a big cwtch under a particularly soft blanket.


  1. Sorry to hear how you feel about your 'B'... kind of know how it feels, put my H&S into my masters dissertation and was GUTTED to get just a Pass.

    I agree with all of your celebrity mumpets except for KT Tunstall, who just happens to be one of those People I Dislike For No Good Reason.
    My Celebrity Mumpets:
    Jamie Oliver- smiley and happy and Doer of Good Things.
    Judy Finnigan- for putting up with Richard and being Champion of Books.
    Lovely Smiley Lead Singer of Keane- for all-round niceness and good singalong songs.
    Used to be a Mumpet but Not Any More: Fern Britton- 'nuff said.

  2. B's good: it stands for 'brilliant'.
    A's not so good: it stands for 'average'.

  3. Oh no! I'm sorry you had a rubbish day :o( . Days like that it is absolutely the best thing to do to hide under a duvet with cake and tea.

    It's always mystified me how you can grade art - it's so subjective, I wonder what some of the great artists like Van Gogh would have got as grades? Probably a fail at the time. I think your photos look fab!

    Thank you so much for posting me that link - my friend is all signed up and is v. excited about buying herself some nice clothes which fit her!

    I hope all is more cheery!