Sunday, March 29

The Unexpected Sunday

I never thought I'd say this, but today, I had the pleasure of spending my day at... the Welsh Conservative Party Conference. Not for fun, you understand - for work, to schmooze with the right wingers and try to get them on our side about asylum issues. (So, as you can imagine, quite a difficult job).

It was a lovely, sunny Sunday, so you can imagine how gutted I was to leave my lovely family tucked up in bed as I left to spend the day stuck indoors with a bunch of Tories (the vast majority of whom really actually did look like this).

But when I arrived, there was good news. The bulk of the conference had happened yesterday, so today's session was just for the morning. I could finish at lunchtime. I felt like a kid that's been sent home from school because it's snowing.

Only it wasn't snowing - it was a lovely Spring day, there was an hour of extra daylight and there was only one place to be. My favourite beach.

But first, a toddler birthday party, where I sat in the garden watching happy girls in fairy dresses, while I drank green tea and ate my bodyweight in amazing cappuccino cake.

Then to Ogmore, where we chased a ball (Blod), saw lots of horses and newborn baby lambs, took photographs (me), looked for crabs, threw stones into rock pools (Gwen) and even stopped off in the pub on the way home for a cheeky half of Reverend James (Mr Meep).

Rockin' the beach look in fairy dress, furry coat, wellies and stripy tights

And this evening, I've won a gorgeous Joey Mei Tai on eBay, there's veggie sausage and mash for supper, then it's off to bed to watch The Edge of Love.

The first day of British Summer Time was definitely a good one.

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