Tuesday, March 24

Why I hardly blog anymore

Because I'm painting, sanding, varnishing, waxing...

Here are the latest developments.

This weekend's project: revamp the washstand in the bathroom.

Before... (this pic was taken when we came to view the house)

And after... (in all-new cherry red bathroom!)

The kitchen before...

And finally now finished and with pictures and cute cake tins and everything...

And the finished dining room...

How far we've come in a year. Next up - Gwen's and her sister's new bedroom; revamped conservatory (currently full of tins of paint and ladders); and completely relanscaped garden. Oh, and I'm having a baby in 12 weeks time. Eeek!


  1. LOVING that washstand, good work!

  2. Oh my goodness it all looks amazing! You must have been working like a trojan! The washstand is fab and I love the red wall! A small piece jealous of your lovely abode!

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