Monday, March 23

Why I love my daughter - part 12,360,567

There are lots of reasons to love my snail, but today she really came up trumps.

Mr Meep and Gwen have gone up to Harrogate for a long weekend to visit the inlaws. I've stayed at home to do four days xtreme DIY (Happy Mother's Day!), making a new boudoir for Gwen and shabby chic-ing some of the old furniture we inherited with the house (pics to follow...).

I've spent all weekend in my paint-covered, dusty DIY clothes, my unwashed hair in bunches, no make-up, seven months pregnant and 10lbs heavier than normal. I just looked in the mirror and realised I look like the perfect candidate for 10 Years Younger.

Then Mr Meep just text me to say: "We really miss you. Gwen saw a cartoon of Barbie on the TV today and thought it was a programme about you."

God, I love that girl.

Anyway, here's a pic of me enjoying the sunshine while out on a dog walk over the weekend...

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  1. Aw, bless her. M once pointed to a cheeky girl (which one I'm not sure) on the telly and said 'Mummy!'. Er, yes, of course. She then pointed to Peter Kay on the telly and said 'Daddy!' which cheered me up immensely!