Thursday, April 2

Gwen Top 10

Because she's staying at Grandma's tonight and I'm really missing her... here are my snail's top 10 favourite things at the moment (although they do change weekly).

  • Postman Pat - watching him, reading about him, singing the theme tune, just randomly shouting his name.
  • Sticking peas/her doll's hair/anything that's small enough up her nose - I feel a trip to casualty coming on in the near future.
  • "Making!" (ie playing with Play Dough).
  • Music and singing and dancing - yesterday, she heard Ida Maria's Better When You're Naked on the radio. She was mighty impressed.
  • Stickers - of any description.
  • Pasta, pesto, peas and cheese - her favourite emergency store cupboard tea.
  • Swimming. Or the idea of swimming, shouting "Swimming", packing for swimming, getting changed for swimming... she gets bored after 10 minutes when we're actually there.
  • Collecting stones and plopping them into water.
  • A 1970s version of this book that was Mr Meep's when he was a wee one. I have now read it approximately 134,234 times.
  • Diggers - Gwen's the only person in our village who loves the new bypass road being built.

    We are going to go lamb-spotting in the Brecon Beacons on the weekend. I hope she likes that too.
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    1. bonnie10:49 am

      Gwen is sooo beautiful, you're a very lucky lady indeed Miss Meep! x