Thursday, April 16

Reasons to be cheerful

  • Going on holiday to Cornwall on Saturday - we've already christened it The Cream Tea and Pasties Tour 2009.

  • Went out for yummy vegan Japanese food last night, which made me feel very spoilt but so very virtuous and... clean. Edamame, miso soup, teryaki tofu, noodles, avocado maki, vegetable tempura and the cleanest, purest, most refreshing green tea. Resolve to eat vegan at least half the week (maybe start that particular resolution after The Cream Tea and Pasties Tour 2009).

  • 31 weeks up the duff today and feeling great (well, apart from the heartburn). So excited to meet my new baby girl and actually can't wait for my (fingers crossed) lovely, peaceful home birth. I start listening to my hypnobirthing CD this week... my cervix is, indeed, like a beautiful flower coming into bloom.

  • So thankful to Mr Gav E Scone, inventor of miracle heartburn cure.

  • The house is almost finished - the plaster is currently drying in my girls' new boudoir. Next, on to the jungle garden, which will be a nightmare, but thoughts of sunflowers and pumpkins and tomatoes and courgettes by late summer are spurring me on.

  • I gave away some antique furniture from the house to a friend a while back. I wanted to get rid of it and she was looking for some shabby chic style stuff, so everyone was a winner. She asked me to meet her the other day and gave me a humongous box of Neal's Yard goodies and bought me tea and cake at my new favourite cafe. Karma in action.

  • At work, the Welsh Assembly have deemed our offices "the worst premises in the voluntary sector" and given us money for a refurb. This means there is nowhere to hold meetings - apart from my new favourite cafe or on a bench in the park opposite. Hurrah.

  • My gorgeous girl is almost two years old, and a big bundle of chatting, singing, laughing loveliness.

  • Summer is just around the corner. Let the sea-paddling and strawberry-munching commence.
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    1. Definitly try being a part-time vegan After the trip!