Friday, May 1

Cornwall by Numbers

Number of people in party: 3
Number of people in party who caught horrible cold during holiday: 3
Number of pasties consumed by the party: 4 (2 x mixed veg, 1 x cheese and mushroom, 1 x spicy veg)
Number of cream teas consumed by party: 1 (between 3 of us - poor performance)
Number of sunny days: 6 (out of seven - amazing)
Number of blissful solo evening swims enjoyed by heavily pregnant woman: 4

And, no, I had absolutely no influence on the snail's choice of bucket. Nope, absolutely none whatsoever.


  1. Very disappointing effort re cream teas, lady! You will have to catch up on the calories with some healthy-sized wedges of cake I feel! xxx

  2. That's a really nice set of pictures, and a very pretty little girl too!

  3. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Still no sign of your husband....