Saturday, May 30

Gwen is 2

Dear Snail,
You turned two years old on Tuesday. Happy birthday, my beautiful baby girl. I wish you could stay two forever, because you are just so perfectly amazing - but, of course, you just get more amazing every day.

Every day is an adventure for you, and you're such a happy little soul, finding joy in so many little everyday things. You like singing, dancing, the seaside, nic-nics (picnics), diggers and cranes, horses (from a distance), swings, apple juice, stickers, poo, ice cream, hunting for snails, cooking, all kinds of shoes, little babies, painting, books, swimming... in fact, the only things you don't really like are bees and mangoes.

You talk incessantly, which I just love (and secretly always hoped that you would) - and we can even have little conversations about what you've been up to during the day.

Happy birthday Miss S Naily. Thanks for being such a lovely, lovely little girl.

Love, Mam

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