Sunday, May 31

One of those Meme-type things

Because I feel like writing, but I don't know what and this one's doing the rounds on various blogs at the moment...

8 Things I am Looking Forward to
  • Finishing off two freelance jobs over the next week and having all of... ooo... a week off before the new arrival
  • Swimming tomorrow morning
  • Being able to a) kick the Gaviscon habit, b) poo and c) turn over in bed once Mini Mini Meep arrives (that was going to say 'sleep all night without waking for a wee/worry at 5am', but ha, ha, ha...)
  • Lots of beach picnics over the lovely sunny summer we're going to have
  • Transforming my garden from wild jungle to somewhere we can play, relax, eat, entertain and grow our own food
  • My new red Converse boots
  • Having Mr Meep's just-baked home-made bread for breakfast tomorrow morning (toasted, with marmite on one and peanut butter on the other, of course)
  • Oh, obviously, my lovely new daughter arriving in the next couple of weeks

    8 Things I did Yesterday This Weekend

  • Bounced on a trampoline outside on a sunny Sunday morning (I so want one)
  • Had a lovely picnic at the beach and frolicked about in the waves in the sunshine all afternoon with a nakey Gwen, Mr Meep (clothed) and Blod - at one point declaring it was one of the happiest times I'd ever had. Ah!
  • Made a yummy thai curry
  • Had felafel and Welsh cakes and apple juice at the Farmers' Market
  • Had a cry outside the garden centre because I hadn't made a list of what I needed and got overwhelmed by the compost selection (hormones, anyone?)
  • Fell asleep while hypnobirthing - twice
  • Attempted to shave my bikini line with huge bump in the way - ladies, NEVER attempt this
  • Sat in the park with a (miniscule) cup of Leffe Blonde, like a gourmet pregnant trampette

    8 Things I Wish I Could do
  • Sew
  • Sing
  • Run and run and run without getting tired
  • Escape capitalism (ooo, deep) and live in a caravan made of sustainable organic mung beans
  • Speak another language
  • Add an extra day onto each week just for reading/baking/photography/walking
  • Turn over in bed
  • Poo

    8 4 Programmes I Watch
    Don't do telly dahling, but a bit partial to:
  • Adam and Joe on 6Music
  • My daily dose of Jeremy Vine
  • Endless DVDs of Charlie and Lola
  • The same episode of Fireman Sam on You Tube over and over and over
    NB - the last two not necessarily out of choice.
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