Monday, June 1

The Joys of Freelancing

Means that you can sit at your desk like this when you are 38 weeks pregnant, have eaten half a jacket potato with houmous too much for lunch and it is ever so hot.

In the background, Blod has turned into Mr Miyagi and is leaping through the air trying to catch a fly in her stinky jaws.

Now, back to the corporate brochure... or maybe a dog walk in the sunshine, or a nice cuppa and a teeny square of that delovely organic chocolate...


  1. Gah, it's such a relief when the babe arrives and the heartburn leaves! Fabulous bump btw xx

  2. I want a belly like that! Though--I don't think I could stand having to down the Gaviscon all day, every day ever again! I'll stick with my two!

    Hope the writers block went away--too nice a day to be working on that brochure!

    Have a safe and wonderful delivery!