Tuesday, June 16

Officially overcooked

Although I don't think she's actually due until Thursday. But tomorrow I have to go to horrid, vile, hideous 'induction of labour advice clinic' and stand my ground that no-one is sticking any pessaries up my doo-da or needles in my arm and this little one will come when she's ready, thank you very much (can you tell I've been practising?).

Living in a village when your baby is officially overdue is an interesting experience, because everyone in the whole street is on tenterhooks waiting for the new resident's arrival.

Since the weekend, I've had:

  • Megan from two doors down just happened to be popping out of the front door when I was going swimming at 6.45am to see if there was 'any news?'
  • Megan also saying - "I've got the card written and everything"
  • The whole street being shocked to find out (presumably from Megan) that I've been going swimming in my delicate condition
  • Brian from next door to the pub pausing outside to look for balloons/cards/hear newborn cries twice a day when he walks his dog
  • Man opposite popping over when I'm in the garden to see if there are 'any signs'? (I was so tempted to tell him my mucus plug had dropped out this morning)
  • Very lovely friend of friend slowing down to do a 'drive-by' nosey, while I was out the front watering my hosta

    I know it annoys some people, but I can't help feeling touched by people's concern. And I've had lots of lovely texts and emails from my mates too. Gawd bless the bloomin' lot of ya.

    She'll be here by the weekend. She promises.

    Meanwhile, I've been spending a lot of time at the beach having picnics in the sunshine.

    1. It's lovely to know so many are excitedly awaiting your new child's arrival!

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    3. Aaarrgh, left a long message and it deleted itself!
      Just wanted to send you best wishes and hope things start moving along soon.
      Mst have been the day for ready to pop mama's to take to the beach lol.
      Oooh it's very exciting waiting for all this birthing news. Wonder who's going to post theirs first ;-)

    4. Thinking of you hon - Becks has beaten us to the baby popping; who's next? I reckon it'll be you! Hope you're not feeling good and knowing that your little bundle will be along very soon. Nothing here to report...will keep you posted! xxx

    5. Now I feel guilty for not texting you! I thought you'd be screaming if you had one more message saying 'have you not had that baby yet?'.

      I will text in a minute!