Friday, June 12

On fashion

People who know me will be quick to testify that I have absolutely no dress sense whatsoever. One friend has taken the situation into her own hands and gives me her old stuff she can't sell at the car boot sale - even this is better than leaving anything fashion-related up to me.

I recently saw a picture of fake daughter kidnapper and all-round anti-mumpet Karen Matthews in the paper. I looked at her, looked at myself - and realised we were wearing the same jumper. I have recreated the scene today for your perusal.

Karen Matthews...


But today, imagine my surprise when I realised that I was sharing a jumper with fellow-pregger Kate Garraway, who is someone who does have a vague clue about these things and probably gets styled and everything.

Here's Kate...

And here I am...

Maybe I'm not so clueless after all.

1 comment:

  1. Your other half's a bit of a looker ;-0
    Your pregnancy style resembles mine, the only thing is I'm still wearing mine 12 months after the baby arrived!

    PS: Today's word verification was 'tosse'. Charming.