Friday, July 10

Life With Two

Molly - she really can't be bothered. She's very sleepy and, three weeks after making her entrance into the world, is only just starting to uncurl from her scrunched up little ball position. I fact, I still can't really get her baby grows on her as her legs are all curled up. Gwen keeps saying "I want to open her".

So far, having two is a lot easier than I thought. Probably because there's none of the 'shock factor' that you have with your first.

However, when your husband's at work and you're trying to get one ready for bed one-handed while feeding the other one, it's not so good - especially when it ends with both mini ones screaming. However, I'm embracing the chaos and trying to look at it all with a sense of humour.

I remember being terrified to leave the house with Gwen, but Molly's already been to the beach, a farm, the library, the park, the shops, a cafe, Pizza Express (twice!), the pub, Cardiff Bay... have sling and boobs, will travel.

And so different from last time, looking after a newborn when you're used to the whirlwind chaos of a toddler is just so relaxing. Having just the newborn for the day when the toddler is with Grandma is just so restful - feeding on the sofa while reading, drinking tea and eating cake. Bliss.

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