Thursday, August 13

Not that I'm tired or anything...

... but in the last week I have:

  • Put cat food in the powder drawer of the washing machine

  • Left my bank card in the chip and pin machine in the post office

  • Gone to the village shop for tea bags and come back with milk

  • Gone completely blank when someone asked me what the baby's name was

  • Went to the florist to buy my nan a bouquet for her birthday. The florist looked at me and said: "Aw, how old?". I was baffled - I hadn't said who the flowers were for. I said, "She's 84". She laughed. I looked confused. She pointed to my chest, where Molly was sleeping in the sling. I'd kind of forgotten she was there.
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    1. It gets easier, I promise! So long as you don't forget where you last put a child, all will be well!