Wednesday, September 9

Lovely Things

  • Summer came back today - hurrah.

  • Gwen saying "Look, the moon is open" when she spotted the fading moon in this morning's blue sky.

  • Pesto made from the veg box swiss chard - who'd have known that could be so scrum-diddly-umptious?

  • Getting my photography groove back with a 365 project.

  • Sing-a-long-a Lily Allen on the Ipod.

  • Molly having a bed-time of 7.30pm, so I can start swimming and running and cinema-going and photography course again. Woo-hoo.

    1. Laura9:09 pm

      I can't believe Molly has an actual bedtime already - Move over Baby Whisperer! Really, you should put your mothering skills in a book - and add in a few soup recipes for good measure. Oh, and cake recipes for coffee mornings/school fetes etc.

      PS. Edie was looking at the moon too this morning. "silly moon, he should be in bed by now". She thought he must have stopped to do some shopping on his way home to bed! x

    2. corrie4:25 pm

      That is so weird - the first thing Soren said this morning when we went outside was, "Look at the moon mama!"

    3. What are these toddlers like? Maisie was looking at the moon on the same day from the train and saying 'Look, look, the moon is following us' and then asked for an explanation as to why it was out in the day. I have no idea!

    4. Sure you wouldn't like some of our rain? Raining buckets here in Oz!