Wednesday, September 2

On Babies and Boobs (and Cake)

I know breastfeeding is fab for lots of reasons - great for bonding, boosts the immune system, the greenest option, etc. But if the NHS really want to boost the appalling breastfeeding rates in the UK, they just need to change their health promotion campaign to reflect the hidden benefit.

You can eat cake. Every single day. Sometimes (well, make that more often than not) more then one slice. And still lose weight.

I weighed myself this morning and am half a stone lighter than I was pre-pregnancy. And I'm eating all day long. In fact, my humongous birthday cake disappeared embarrassingly quickly.

In other news, despite having a 10-week-old baby, I am - gulp - exceptionally broody. Here's the evidence.

Went to Roath Park in the sunshine and saw the most beautiful, heavily pregnant woman, dressed in a green cut off trousers, a floaty top and a straw hat - looking the vision of summery pregnant glowing gorgeousness. I turned to Mr Meep and said wistfully, "I've got bump envy." He went a bit white.

One of my oldest friends text me last Saturday to say she was in labour. Me: "Oh, I'm so jealous - she gets to give birth today and have a snuggly newborn to cwtch up with tonight." Mr Meep: "Oh my god, you're actually insane."

I can't help it. I love babies. I love their fat bracelets and their fuzzy heads and the sweet smell of their milky mouths. And I just want more, more, more! And I am 34 now, so the clock is a-tick-tock-ticking.


  1. ME TOO! Although the amount of cake/muffins/more cake I am baking may cancel out my weight loss. Even breastfeeding constantly. So I think I may be eating too much cake?! I am just enjoying our second daughter and not in the slightest feeling broody. I think Mr Steps may have a thrombosis if I mention another child...keep flying the flag for boobies and cake! xxx

  2. Happy Birthday to you as well!!

    LOL--your husband is right, you are insane. But in the nicest way! I think we have all had that 'envy', just because we know what a wonderful feeling it all really is! I still feel it, even if it's someone's 1st and I've already had two!

    I had my two when I was 35 & 36, so it's not too awful when you get older.

    That cake looked delicious!

  3. Happy birthday! :)
    Would you mind emailing me? I wanted to ask you about hypnobirthing CDs...
    Thanks! Mrs babyatom