Sunday, November 1

Since having a new baby in the house, things have slipped. Our daily doses of fresh air, nature walks, home cooking, creativity and brain fodder have given way to sofa slobbing, CBeebies, chip shop Fridays (I never thought I'd be on first name terms with the local chipmonger) and chicklit (three Jane Green's in a row anyone?).

Poor Blod's had a few too many 'no walk' days; I've stuck G in front of a DVD when I've needed 20 minutes to tidy up; bean and cheese toasties have featured on the lunch menu more than once; my underwear isn't even close to being matching; and the house can often smell a bit like pets (eek!).

But now the newborn isn't a newborn anymore, I've given myself a good old outdoor, eco, frugal clonk on the head and I'm starting to get my groove back.

This weekend, I cooked and baked so our fridge is filled with yummy, healthy(ish) home-made treats. I made:

Pumpkin pie
Spinach and Squash lasagne
Leek and potato soup
Lentil Shepherd's pie
Banana pancakes

We've had friends over for dinner. I walked up the mountain (mountain, not hill - and my wobbly legs are all the proof I need). I've read a poetry book (oo, get me). I've knitted Gwen a sparkly scarf. I made my first ever pumpkin lantern. Mr Meep and I are even going out for dinner this week.

OK, so there's still too much chocolate being munched and the washing pile is taking over the house, but I'm getting there.

In other news, I'm tackling potty training with G. We've had a 90% success rate at home, culminating in her rushing into the dining room while we had friends round last night with a full potty, excitedly exclaiming "Look mama, I done a wee" then promptly spilling the whole lot all over the floor. Next up, daring to go out and about with a nappy-free toddler and a new(ish)baby at the same time. Eeek.


  1. Your productivity this weekend impresses me! It's exhausting just reading it. I too had a baking weekend, must be something in the air...

  2. Ha ha! Going out without the nappy is terrifying, especially when there has been no poop so far that day...

  3. Very impressed with all you got done! It will all get easier in time!

    Spinach and squash lasagna-recipe please!

  4. Laura1:10 pm

    We found a portable potty brilliant for out and about - and with little froggies holding umbrellas at the bottom of the bag Edie enjoyed seeing just how soaking wet she could get them. Not sure having disposal bags of wee will sit very happily with your eco-ness though...
    Good luck! xx