Wednesday, December 2

Christmas Countdown

Let the stollen-munching commence (OK, let's face it, that started as soon as it hit the shops in early November).

I'm not even remotely religious, so for me, Christmas time is about celebrating the end of a year and the winter solstice, being grateful for what we have, seeing friends and family and, of course, cosying up under blankets on the sofa with mulled wine and a mince pie. I want a sort of kind of Pagan-meets-Thanksgiving vibe going on, but with added obligatory viewing of Love Actually on Christmas Eve.

Now The Snail's old enough to get excited about it all, I want to start some of our own family traditions and for Christmas to be about more than just the pressies. So to start with, instead of a chocolate-filled advent calendar, we've got our own way of counting down and getting excited.

I've made 24 stars, each with a Christmas activity on. We do one each day, then stick the star up on the wall. Today was 'Make a Christmas collage', and Gwen got very into the spirit of things by decorating most of the house and the dog with a glitter shaker. Also coming up are making lots of edible goodies, going on winter woodland walks, reading Christmas stories, making cards and decorations.

I can't wait.


  1. what a lovely post and a great idea , the dog bit made me laugh , it sounds like our house x

  2. Exactly the same kind of celebration we're heading for here. We've done a Thanksgiving tree, hanging on little envelopes with the things we're most thankful for, and then celebrating Yule on the 21st. And of course, Mr Firth and Mr Grant will need a viewing on Christmas Eve, as will a large quantity of chocolate and cake! xxx

  3. Aw how lovely... I want one too! I love the idea of sticking stars on the wall too - the girls would love that... I'm going to have to get making for next year I think :-)