Wednesday, December 9

On toileting

You are sitting on the toilet, surrounded by a mountain of damp baby clothes on airers, an overflowing washing basket and a bath full of plastic ducks, watering cans and soggy Miffy flannels.

The baby is lying on a towel on the floor, cutting her first tooth, and screaming at you with a pleading look in her eyes that says "How can you possibly leave me down here on my own, you heartless woman?".

The toddler is pulling apart a toilet roll and rolling it into 'sausages' all over the floor. She stops her play and looks at you. "Is that a poo coming out Mammy? Can I see it?".

The dog comes in and just stares at you.

Ladies and gentlemen, your dignity has left the building.


  1. I hear ya, sister! xxx

  2. funniest thing i have read all day :)

  3. I love this! Just breathe and smile, then carry on :-D

  4. It doesn't last forever... although at the time it feels like it will!