Friday, January 22

Feeling blah

I need to de-ming. Look at this 'stunna' that Mr Meep married 6 years ago.

And look at the horror I have become.

Back in the day, I ate the healthiest ever diet, with home-made supersmoothies, tons of veg and gallons of water. I walked 3 miles and swam half an hour every day, walked the dog for miles, plus managed to fit in about three aerobics classes a week too. Blimey. I was toned, I was fit, I was glowing with health and vitality. I was like a poster girl for Howies (only not very pretty and about 10 years too old).

Today, I eat too much dark chocolate and too much cake. I amble about in parks a lot, but at The Snail's pace. I walk the dog in the half hour of precious time I can squeeze into Mr Meep's lunch hour. Swimming is a distant memory. I am flabby, I am unfit, I am grey with tiredness and lethargy. Looks wise, I am the very definition of the anti-mumpet.

And so, a plan of action is in order. And, of course, a nice list.

Same old, same old - trying to grow out highlights for eco/frugal reasons (and I hate going to the hairdressers so much), but at that horrid stage of half bleurgh, half blonde stage that normally gets me running to the salon.
Dr Meep prescribes: A positive attitude. Must get through this with vision of glossy red bob that I could have by my birthday in August. Meanwhile, be glad it's hat season.

I last slept for a whole night in May 2009 (eek!) and I look tired and old. My skin is kind of grey, very dry and I have enormous eye bags and even the start of some crow's feet. Blee.
Dr Meep prescribes: Bed by 11pm without fail. Weekly 'beauty night' in the bath. Invest in some kind of 'heavy-duty but not full of evil chemicals' eye cream (is there such a thing?).

I have eaten way too much rubbish since I had Moll, what with breastfeeding being the best calorie burner ever. But now she's starting to eat some solids and she's cutting back on the milk, I need to cut back on the cakes. Our diet is generally great, but we do like our baked goods and the chocolate tin sees a lot of action when the little croutons are in bed.
Dr Meep prescribes: 90% vegan diet, lots more fruit, lots less cakes (sob).

OK, I'll admit I'm not overweight. But I am incredibly wobbly. When Gwen and I made jelly butterflies yesterday and sang 'jelly on a plate', I could feel every part of me wobbling along with that raspberry-flavoured pud. My stomach didn't really take a beating after baby number one, but after two, it resembles a lump of uncooked bread dough. Euw. Clearly, I am time-challenged these days, but I need to get moving, moving, moving.
Dr Meep prescribes: Daily power walks, weekly swimming, sit-ups at home and a return to my love-hate relationship with running once the light nights return.

Usual, no clue about fashion plus no cash plus loathe shopping plus want to be an eco warrior. Same old looking a right old mess, but with added baby drool all over me.
Dr Meep prescribes: Hmm, not sure. Can someone nominate me to go on a TV makeover show please?

Right, that's sorted then. Off to get some sleep, swim 60 lengths, scrub my face with ground mung beans and eat an alfalfa on spelt sandwich.


  1. Uh, you haven't become a horror at all. But good luck with all the positive life changes. I've gone back to a vegan diet and feel much better for it. I miss the cake though.

  2. It could be worse. You could look like I did after I had Maisie. :-|

  3. Lol!
    Are you really me?
    In pretty (bad word choice) much the same place myself, with the same age munchkin too.
    Although I have to say since the vegan diet started a month ago I have more energy and my skin is looking much better. Not helping with the lumpy bread dough tummy though........
    Good luck and keep the positive stance.

  4. Ooh ohoh oh, me too please! I want better skin, nicer hair, a less flabby me all round and, erm, more time to do all these things I think I should do :-)