Saturday, January 16

Six (well, almost seven) months

Dear Molly,

Already, I see, you are suffering from second child syndrome. Your sister had a monthly update for the whole of her first year. This is only your second.

In the last few weeks, you've gone from a quiet little person to one who is very fond of a good shout and a babble. You have two teeth, and I'm pretty sure the next two are about to pop through. You like raspberries on your thighs, being thrown in the air, grinning at yourself in mirrors, crumpling (and eating) paper, rustling plastic, exploring kitchen utensils and splashing in the bath. Although you've been lying under the mobile on your changing mat several times a day for the past six and a bit months, it stills drives you wild with excitement - especially now you can grab all the animals, yank them towards your mouth and give them a good old chew.

You don't like sleeves, lying on your back, your bouncy chair and realising I'm not in the room. You're totally happy and chilled as long as you're attached to me, but haven't quite worked out the rest of the world yet (but then neither have I, and I'm 33 years older than you). If a stranger grins at you, you give them a hesistant smile, then bury your head into my chest in a comedy shy stylee.

You still go everywhere in the sling and are happiest when you're cwtched up to me. Sometimes, I'll be going about my business and I'll look down to find you gazing up at me grinning your gummy little head off. And when I make eye contact, you beam even more and make the cutest cooing noises ever. You really know how to make a mama feel wanted.

You also think your big sister is just fantastic too. You let out a great big belly laugh when she does a big shouty 'Raaaaaaaaaaaah!' right up close to your face.

We've just started baby-led weaning. Well, I was is no rush, but when you swiped my toast off my plate over Christmas and stuck your cute little hand in my leek and split pea soup, I think maybe you were trying to tell me something. So we got the highchair down and away we go. So far, you're a huge fan of oranges and start shouting at me if I don't peel them fast enough after you've spotted one. Toast's always a winner too and today you devoured a load of roasted veg and a pile of pesto mash. (And, OK, I'll admit you have had a couple of chips too, which you naturally loved.)

I hope your first few months in the world have been good ones, my sweet little babe-in-arms. Here's to the next six months of extreme cuteness (with added crawling and first words and other exciting things to come) - I can't wait.

Love, Mama


  1. Wonderful :-)
    Of course there are some annoying, messy, noisy, difficult times, but overall it's lovely isn't it!