Wednesday, March 24

Office Bollotics

Water coolers
Crap coffee
Notes in the kitchen
"Wash your dishes"
"Clean your mess up"
Stabbing backs and bitching

Last night's telly
Weekend weather
What you had for supper
Lottery sweepstake
Dodgy jokes
Must be time for a cuppa

Flourescent lighting
Much too hot
Boss you'd like to punch
Narky emails
Energy slump
Great, it's time for lunch

Back to it
Heads down
As much fun as a wake
Sneaky surfing
Facebook status
Anyone got any cake?

Looking busy
Time dawdling
Tick tick tock
Inane chatter
Brain mashup
Thank god it's 5 o'clock


  1. Love your blog, dropped by because of the interests you posted, really enjoyable blog :)

  2. Exactly!
    Grrr :-(