Tuesday, March 16

There's a worm at the bottom of my garden

Gwen has been helping me in the garden. She especially loves - the worms.

These are Debbie, Nic (named after our friends), Emily, Ralphi (after her cousins) and Wiggly Woo (you know, like the song about the worm).

In other snail-related news, after a hard morning's bread baking and gardening and park-going, we sometimes have a chill-out for 20 minutes after lunch and watch a couple of music videos on You Tube. Current favourites are Madness videos and she's a bit partial to Nizlopi's JCB song. Yesterday though, she announced "I want to see some ladies singing."

I racked my brains. Tried Girls Aloud - not impressed. Forgetting the saucy nature of it, I tried Lady Marmalade from Moulin Rouge. "Oh look," she said, pointing at L'il Kim writhing around in her grundies, "that lady has forgotten her dress." I swiftly clicked off that one.

Hmm, what could I find for her? She previously had a thing for Mana Mana and she wants ladies singing. Suddenly, it came to me. I remembered this...

I laughed all the way through it. She absolutely loved it. She's been asking to watch it all day long and proudly declared "I know the words" earlier, while wagging her finger and singing along. And she got very cross with me and Mr Meep when we laughed at the lovely ladies.

Oh dear. I have created a monster.

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