Friday, May 14

11 months

Dear Molly,
You are almost 11 months old and you have sunshine in your soul. Every day you cwtch and snuzzle and grin and coo and giggle and explore and make the cutest little noises as you get to know the world.

You learnt to crawl at 8 months and have now progressed to pulling yourself up on things and bouncing up and down with excitement at your new-found abilities.

Your gurgles and shouts are also getting a bit more communicative. Pulling toys out of a box is accompanied by a sort of 'Ta-da!' sound and things you like the look of at lunchtime are met with an inquisitive 'Oooooo' noise.

You like playing peek-a-boo, tearing up paper with your teeth, crawling around with socks and teddies in your mouth (just like Blod), playing the bongos, climbing up my legs, strumming the guitar, cake (oops), Blod's water bowl, dancing when you hear music, digging the soil in the garden with your fingers, trying to put your hands in the toilet bowl, clapping, exploring the vegetable drawer of the fridge, and eating sand at the beach.

In fact, for someone so sweet, you can be a bit unsavoury. The other morning you did a stinky poo, then weed on the carpet as soon as I took your nappy off, then did a huge burp, then sneezed and produced two green snot trails, then sicked up over me - all within about half an hour.

But whatever you get up to, you just have to flash me your big gummy grin and all is forgiven, my stinky, sunshine girl.



  1. He he, lovely stinky babies :-)

  2. Bloomin' gorgeous! x