Wednesday, May 26

Gwen is Three

Dear Gwen,
Wow, you are now a bona fide little girl. The baby stage is long gone and the toddler years are a dwindling memory.

You are a long-limbed, articulate 3-year-old girlie girl who likes:

Boily eggs
Dancing to songs on the iPod (current fav: Best of You by the Foo Fighters)
Getting nakey
Having a shower
Making up nonsense words
Wearing dresses, especially if they twirl
Talking - a lot

Your catty
Telling people your name
Whispering about naughty things like spitting and smacking
Your cousin Emily
Baking bread
Making cakes
The seaside

You don't like:
Bees, flies and other buzzy things
Soya milk

You are most likely to say:
"I'm going to wear something from my Summer Collection, I am."
"Can I wear your dress when I'm a bit bigger?"
"Shall we have a little chill out?"
"Actually Mammy, I'm going to have breakfast FIRST, then get dressed AFTER."
"Can I spit when I brush my teeth? Is that OK? Yes?"

You say funny things every single day. You breastfeed your teddies. You make imaginary games out of random objects. You like Emmy the Great's debut album. You tell me off if I'm grumpy.

You rock.

Happy birthday, snail.

Love, Mama

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  1. A proper Mini Miss Meep it seems!