Sunday, June 13

Photomarathon 2010

Yesterday, I took part in my first ever Photomarathon, probably the most mentally gruelling creative challenge ever, ever.

Basically, you get 12 topics in 12 hours and you have to produce 12 photos, no more no less. You pick up four topics every four hours, then get free bus and rail travel to whizz all over Cardiff taking pics.

Sounds lovely, but actually very hard and very tiring (but lots of fun). I went everywhere from Cardiff Bay Asda to Penarth Pier to Roath Park looking for inspiration. Last night I even had a recurring dream about trying to photograph a topic.

Here are my pics, and these were the topics.
1. Your entry number and giant 2. Aroma 3. On a shoe string 4. Inspiration 5. Up in the air 6. Arc 7. Seven 8. Fail 9. Old school 10. Contemporary 11. Backwards 12. Identity

I also tried to make mine fit together as a set, by including something red in each one. Talk about making it hard for myself.

Don't think I'll win any prizes, but I had a great day out. Can't wait for the exhibition in July and see what everyone else came up with.

And today? Been to the beach, painted 15 children's faces at Gwen's friend's birthday party (have progressed from butterflies and cats and now can do Spiderman and vampires too). Now off to Mr Meep's gig (he's in a gothic psychadelic folk band, don't ya know).

But first, the children are at nana's, so it's Earl Grey and the Observer on the sofa. And a little bit of my lovely chocolate vegan cake (you would never tell it was not the real thing).

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  1. Loving your photies - great job! Have left you a Beautiful Blog Award over on my blog if you want to collect it :) xxx