Wednesday, July 28

10 Things Molly Has Eaten Recently

Cute, eh? But wait 'til you hear what's she's been chowing down on when my back's turned for - ooo - all of five seconds.

Vaseline - swiped from the shelf in Boots
A piece of white chalk
A piece of pink chalk
Some very small pebbles
Some old ham from a discarded sandwich (someone else's)
Most of the mud in my garden
Half the beach
A fag butt
A dead fly

ETA 11. A marigold 12. A bar of soap


  1. lol!! Do you think she may be telling you she's hungry? Hazel was like that--ate everything she could. I had to cut the tags off the stuffed toys as she'd always try to eat those and I was terrified she'd choke on one of them! They grow out of it!

  2. No wonder she looks so well!
    I think she may be on to something there ;-)