Sunday, August 15

Good things, bad things

Bad thing: Feeling like my life is one big chaotic mess, with no time to do anything, and doing everything that I can fit in really badly.

Good thing: Sweet things from my big girl remind me that the chaos doesn't matter: "I like you and you like me - but who is the loveliest?"

Bad thing: My new haircut is a disaster, making me feel even more minging than I did before.

Good thing: I managed to run (with a smidge of walking on the really steep bits) 3 miles last night.

Bad thing: I despise my haggered face and post-baby body shape.

Good thing: But I met a lovely young man this week who thought I was 27.

Bad thing: Still having dilemma about whether to send G to school in September (it's full-time every day for the nursery class here - she's only three!) and sick of every other person telling me she's bored with me at home and "she needs it".

Good thing: A neighbour saying "you're such a fab mum", just at the right moment.

Bad thing: Impending redundancy from part-time job.

Good thing: But have interview for another, much groovier one on Thursday.

And amidst all the chaos, there is always chai, books, baths and cake.

Happier blogging will resume shortly.


  1. Hugs for the crapness. Your neighbour was right: you are a fab mum. Schooling decisions are never easy. Take time, eat cakey and think about what will be best for you and your family. Good vibes for the interview - am sure you will rock it. Sunshine to you today hon xxx

  2. Hope you just concentrate on the happy bits for now!

    As for school--no one needs it! But then you probably knew I'd say that! ;-) My two are 7 & 8, and have no idea what boredom is! They've never been to any form of school or creche or nursery--they are very happy & confident young kids. Children, especially when young, do not know what boredom is until we teach them! We teach them that by taking away their opportunity to explore their world and making them defend an care for themselves without a loving parent nearby. Let her enjoy her childhood--it'll be over in a flash! She'll continue to explore all around her, learn new things every day and feel very confident for when she does need to go to school.

    And never ever forget--no one's opinions will ever matter on any decision you & Mr. Meep make regarding your children. No one-not even the grandparents know your children the way you do.

    And as to the haircut--it'll grow out in no time!!

  3. Ladies - thank for your lovely comments. Claire, I am taking your advice about time and cake. And Elizabeth, you have given me the confidence to go with my heart! Thank you both x

  4. Wow - Elizabeth's even given me a boost even though it wasn't my post and isn't my blog!
    It's so difficult bringing your children up according to what feels right and having to balance that with what society suggests. Full-time school doesn't feel right does it and yet it's 'normal', so if we deny them 'normality' we think we're doing them harm.
    But the whole point is to nurture them and deliver them into the world well prepared to live a happy life. I'd say you're definitely doing that Miss Meep: as a wonderful parent and an inspiring role model.

  5. Laura8:25 pm

    I agree with comments on full time school at 3, but we've had that chat already; seems far too young to me too. And can't believe Gwen would ever be bored with you, Molly, Blod, Dave (in no particular order Dave!), baking, crafty things, dancing, singing and the great outdoors. Couldn't be a more idyllic childhood if you ask me xx

  6. Following your heart--that's the best move anyone can make!