Saturday, August 21

The Meep Harvest Festival

When we moved into our house 2 years ago, we inherited a jungle of a garden with an enormous fig tree. Last year, I made fig and port sorbet, but never got much further as I was getting to grips with the whole newborn/toddler combo.

This year, I have been so excited watching the figs ripen and couldn't wait to crack on with some fig-related cooking. And first of all, fig jam. In fact, the first batch of jam I have ever made. Ever. And it tastes yum-diddly-umtious.

I've also been tackling those unharvested courgettes and have made some marrow chutney. And now it's hedgerow harvest time, we have gone apple and blackberry bonkers. I have a tart in the oven, a crumble in the fridge and the most amazing-looking kilner jar of blackberry vodka doing its thing on the kitchen worktop. Next up, rose hip syrup. I love August.

1 comment:

  1. I love figs but never had fig jam. Got to try that soon. Don't think I'll attempt making my own though... not something I would trust myself to do!