Sunday, August 1

Mothers and Daughters

Phew, after eight weeks of trying to fit in looking after two tinies, working, freelancing and completing my photography project, I've done it.

10 images of Mothers and Daughters are here.

This project's really suffered from my lack of technical knowledge, especially photographing in low light, but I'm generally happy with it (although, met up with the rest of the people on my course yesterday and their stuff was waaaay better than mine).

Need another project now. Any ideas?


  1. I know this is very similar to the photos you've just taken--which are very nice! But I've really noticed an increase in dad's taking care of their children in the daytime. I don't think father's get enough recognition for the time they spend with their children. Maybe something along the lines of dad's and children holding hands?

  2. Lovely pics! I especially love the baby Meeps in their fairy attire! I like Elizabeth's suggestion too - I was watching Eveline with her Daddy last night, snuggling together and the look of pure love was awesome. If that could be captured, I think it would transpire really well on camera x

  3. Laura8:59 pm

    Love the photos Emma. Any chance you could email our one? Think the one of your Mam and Nan is fantastic and another fave is the one with the fab wardrobe (Shanno?) x