Monday, November 22

Things Gwen Likes - a Poem

For Gwen, because she turns three and a half this week and she always asks me to read my poems to her, especially the one about peas.

Building blocks and dressing up
Roibos tea in a sippy cup
Making cakes, licking spoons
Opening the curtains to spot the moon
Singing songs from Wicked and Annie too
Talking about the time she “did lots and lots of poos”
Impressions of Elvis from Fireman Sam
Recalling the party where she ate some ham
Her cousins, Ralphi and Emily
Eating chips down by the sea
Made up stories, tickly backs
Telling off Moll when she tries to smack
Endless games of Hide and Seek
Boily eggs every day of the week
Funny monsters in her dreams
Stealing my lovely Neal’s Yard creams
Putting on the iPod for dancing in the kitchen
(Ting Tings tunes are especially bitchin’)
Doing the bottom dance, changing her knickers
Drawing, cutting, play dough, stickers
Lunch at Chapter, bouncing on the bed
Helping me to make the bread
Her dog hot water bottle, Frank
Laughing at the Welsh for crab - ‘cranc’
Swimming with Bampa, everything pink
Playing with water in the kitchen sink
CBeebies on the ‘puter on a Saturday
Going on the carousel in Cardiff Bay
Making dens all over the house
Being chased by the Gruffalo (she’s the mouse)
Tales about fairies coming to tea
Isn’t it amazing being three? (and a half)


  1. That's lush :-)

  2. This is fantastic Emma, you are soo talented x