Monday, December 6

10 Things

1. Moll speaks! She says 'cwtch', 'kiss', 'shoes' and 'yes'. It's lush.
2. My new job is rather lovely and I get to go to lots of music and theatre performances - we even had a brass band doing the official switch-on of our office christmas lights last week.
3. And I'm going to London on Thursday - all day ON MY OWN. Wow. A quick photoshoot, followed by a lovely wander around a few galleries, hanging about in coffee shops and maybe a lovely light supper. And a two-hour train journey with a cuppa and a good book. Bliss. Eek!
4. Two months into my antenatal teacher training and I have encountered my first knitted boob. Bizzare to say the least.
5. We love the hipstamatic - so flattering, I look NOTHING like this in real life, plus it makes my messy bedroom look artfully dishevelled.
6. Celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary with lemon tart and Leffe yesterday.
7. Have piled on the pounds, but can not seem to find a single minute to fit exercise in at the moment. Help!
8. I seem to be the only person who takes their children to the park in the snow.
9. Christmas is, quite frankly, stressing me out. My head is going to explode with the consumerism.
10. However, looking forward to twinkly lights and mulled wine and open fires and spending time with some mumpets.

1 comment:

  1. What a loverly picture :) I'm with you in the snowy park - I'm hoping our kids will love the outside and not be too resentful we forced them out there! All the better to come back to a nice fire and hot choc :-)