Monday, December 20

Molly is 18 months old

Dear Moll,
18 things about you on your 18-month birthday.

1. You have crazy bonkers hair.
2. You are always filthy.
3. You can hum along to Tomorrow from Annie - in tune!
4. And you also a fan of Baa Baa Black Sheep, especially now you can join in with the 'Yessshir, yesshir' bits.
5. You make a squeaky noise when you see a cute animal.
6. You give us huge grins of delight then use both hands to smack our cheeks at the same time.
7. You can say hiya, yes, shoes, ball, bubble, apple, dark, bye-bye, more, kiss, cwtch, eyes, hot, hat and duck. Oh, and shit, which I think means 'sit', but was also echoed repeatedly after your dad dropped something in the kitchen the other day.
8. You've had a snotty nose for 18 months.

9. You spend all day trying to climb on top of the dining table...
10. ... and throw whatever is on the dining table on to the floor.
11. You eat apples in a very unique way.
12. In other fruit-related news, you like to take one bite out of every item of fruit in the fruit bowl, then put it back.
13. You love a cup of Roibos tea.
14. You only like books with flaps in them.
15. If there is some dirt within half a mile of you, you will find it and poke your fingers into it.
16. You love cats.
17. You are not a fan of beards.
18. You offer people kisses accompanied by a 'mwah' noise.

Happy half birthday, my sunshine solstice girl x


  1. Ha ha ha! That's a lovely list. If someone made such a list for us it wouldn't be anywhere near as exciting.

    Number 17's a bit of a worry if I'm ever to meet Molly again :-/

  2. that is a beautiful photo...

  3. Ahhh what a gorgeous post and a great picture of you both. She is a little beauty and obviously a smartie pants. Edible! xxx