Thursday, August 25

12 Sleeps 'Til Schooltime

Dear Gwen,
In a week and a bit (or 12 more sleeps in Gwentime), you are starting school.

I've gone from feeling absolute horror about it, to feeling kind of OK about it and, now it's coming scarily close, feeling tears misting up my eyes and a wobbly feeling at the back of my throat whenever I think about it.

Your world's about to be a whole lot bigger as you get to experience daily life outside of our family. It's weird to think there's this other adult who I've never even met who's suddenly going to become a huge part of and influence on your life. And you're going to meet this whole group of friends who aren't the offspring of my friends. 

You, of course, my bright, chatty, friendly girl absolutely cannot wait. You can't wait to wear the uniform, you can't wait to learn to read, you can't wait to play in the playground and sing new songs. But most of all, you can't wait to meet dozens of friends all your own age. You're going to blossom, my love. 

And for us? Well, we'll still have morning cuddles in my bed, dancing in the kitchen after tea, stories and sprinkling dreams on your pillow and back tickles and hugs and kisses before bed. And we'll pack our weekends with lovely, lovely times and squeeze every second out of those long school holidays - I promise.

I'll miss watching you beaver away on your amazing drawings of houses on legs and grannies with chicken pox and people throwing spaghetti out of space rockets. I'll miss your constant demands for Little Boots on the Ipod. I'll miss you cracking the eggs and sticking your fingers in the sugar when we bake. I'll miss you flashing your pants and doing the bottom dance. I'll miss your crazy hair, your made-up jokes, your socks scattered all over the house.

I've loved every minute of having you all to myself.  I hope you enjoy every minute of your new adventure.

Love, Mam


  1. Ahhhh bless her lovely self. We too are sending our big pixie to school in September, at her absolute insistence, and like your little blossom, I KNOW she will adore it. We have home educated for a year, but she has gone beyond our resources and now needs normal children and some brain-stretching! She started last term for a few days and was totally overcome with excitement. We're relieved! So now, her teacher can experience her demands to know how many homophones are in the English language, or could we listen to her read Spike Milligan poems out loud. Again! I hope Miss Gwen has an awesome time - I'm sure she'll thrive. xxxx p.s. We too are on the sleep-countdown!

  2. Good luck to you too Lady Green! Sounds like she's going to have a ball. I can't see your blog any more - can you 'invite' me please? x

  3. It's a toughie isn't it? But she'll have a ball with all those new friends. Molly will miss her too I bet!