Friday, August 5

Molly: Obsessed With Bottoms

It all started a few weeks ago.

Yes Moll.
My bottom is tired.
Is it Moll?
Yes, it got a lemon in it.

Since then, it's continued. She's had a biscuit, some more lemons and a tomato in it, and recently some salt and pepper on it too.


  1. She's so funny! Thanks for your wallpaper link, can't wait till we're at the stage where we can actually start painting and wallpapering!

  2. Laura8:50 pm

    Liking your new look page Emma x

    Lovely to see you all the other weekend. Brokerswood is so quick and easy to get to - lets try to make it a bi-annual gathering this year(I mean twice a year, not every other year!). xx