Wednesday, August 17

Squeezing the Last Bit Out of Summer

Summer’s starting to fade – the sun was starting to shy away behind the mountains at about 8:45 tonight when I was coming home from a lovely long walk with Blod. I want to squeeze every second of its light and sunshiny goodness. And so, a list.

Things to do before summer ends

Eat hot, salty, vinegary, ketchupy chips by the sea

Have a barbecue

Go camping

Drink wine under the stars

Make ice cream

Walk up the Garth (it’s a big hill/mountain behind my house) with Blod one evening

Have an evening beach picnic with friends

With a camping trip this weekend and a lovely holiday in Tenby just around the corner, we should be able to do them all – and a few more too. September counts as summer too, right?

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