Tuesday, September 6

Gwen Goes to School

The day finally arrived. Gwen started school today.

After spending the second half of the night in our bed after a nightmare involving a witch trying to bite her leg, she woke up at 4.30am whispering in my ear "Is it time to put my school uniform on yet?" And again at 5.30am. Then again about 6. I finally succumbed at 7am and had a very long two hours to fill before dropping off time.

While there were a few tears from the other children, Gwenny was literally jumping up and down with excitement. A quick kiss and she was off into the classroom without a backwards glance.

Moll and my mam and I went welly shopping, coffee drinking and fish gazing at the garden centre to take our minds off things. Moll, delighted with the attention at last, quite literally talked non-stop all day long.

In the blink of an eye, it was picking up time. We collected a beaming Gwen, who rushed out of the door clutching a multitude of craftivities and paintings and colouring pages, shouting 'Un, dau, tri' (which is one, two, three in Welsh). She ate all of her packed lunch. She went to the big school assembly. She met two Lucys and a boy called Rhys King, who she calls King Rhys. They read Room on the Broom. She had a little cry at lunchtime when she had to play in the yard with all the bigger children and got a bit scared, but said she was OK after a few minutes.

All in all, a good day. Relieved, happy and very proud of my number one snail.

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