Thursday, September 22

A Poem: 20 Things to do With a Piece of Spaghetti

Make an incredibly droopy moustache
Drop it in the toilet and see if it goes splash
Tie it round your dog and use it as a lead
Fashion a fancy necklace (just add beads)
Knit it into a teeny pair of socks
Leave it in the garden to feed a famished fox
Pretend that it’s a wiggly worm and frighten your mum
Wind it round and round and round and round your thumb
Dangle it from your nostril like a long stringy bogey
Pretend that it’s sacred and present it to a Yogi
Pop it in your pocket in case you get peckish later
Use it to lasso a really small alligator
Stick it on your head as an extra bit of hair
Just go bonkers and wave it in the air
Lend it to a ladybird that needs a skipping rope
Donate it to some loved up elves wanting to elope
Use it as a bookmark, form a figure 8
Put it in an envelope and send it to a mate
Or you could just eat it
But that wouldn’t be half as much fun


  1. He he, what a fab poem! Love it!

  2. Ha! I love that and will read it to my children later because I know it will appeal to them too (though we might not have spaghetti for a while in case it gives them ideas, LOL!)